How much does a human head weigh?

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How much does a human head weigh?

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Depending on the size of the head the human head weighs between 10 to 11 pounds.

A toddlers head may only weigh 5 to 6 lbs and a babies head may only weigh 1 to 2 lbs.

When a baby is born the whole babies body typically weighs 5 lbs and some ounces however some babies may be less in weight and some babies may weigh a bit more.

So the average babies head weighs around 1 lb to 2 lbs.

An adults head usually weighs between 10 lbs to 11 lbs.

Of course some humans who are more heavier in weight may have a bit heavier head than someone who is skinnier.

The head makes up only a small percentage of the weight a human weighs.

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