Should you carry spare parts in your car on a road trip?

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asked Apr 20 in Car by droppbeary77 (320 points)
Should you carry spare parts in your car on a road trip?

When going on a road trip should you carry spare parts with you such as belts, hoses, ignition coils, ignition module spare water pump etc?

Do you carry any spare parts such as those in your car when going on a long road trip along with the tools?

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answered Apr 21 by Shawn (64,720 points)
I always carry spare parts in my car or truck when on road trips and even when not on road trips.

I keep a full set of ignition coils in my toolbox, a new water pump a couple serpentine belts, two radiator hoses, some heater hose, new ignition modules and much more.

In my truck I have a toolbox on the bottom of the flatbed where I keep a lot of those spare parts in case I need them.

I even keep an extra battery available just in case my battery goes dead and I have no way of getting it jump started.

I also keep a mew alternator and idler and belt pulleys available as well.

I've had to use some of those parts before and I've been broken down out of state before with no parts available and no tools to fix the issue.

So I always keep spare parts in my car and truck just to be safe.

A spare fuel pump is also good to have and a new fuel filter.

I replace things such as the belt, ignition coils, modules, water pumps, batteries etc before they are expected to fail especially when venturing out on a long road trip.

But I also still keep the spare parts and the needed tools available to fix the issue.

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