How long can you continuously drive a car?

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How long can you continuously drive a car?

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A car can be driven for 24 hours or longer without stopping and you can continuously drive a car for as long as you want too or can do so.

However the limit on driving a car is not in the car itself but in the human driving the car.

One human can drive a car continuously for around 100 miles to 150 miles at most before stopping and taking a break.

However some people have drove 200 miles without stopping and it's okay for the car but not so good for the person driving it.

At most a person can drive a car for around 500 miles and no longer than 800 miles before it becomes safe.

You have to figure in stops for walking around, using the restroom, filling up gasoline, checking oil etc.

So a car can continuously drive down the highway for hours upon hours and can easily run 24 hours but you'll need to shut the car down to put gasoline in it.

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