How long does it take a sloth to pee?

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How long does it take a sloth to pee?

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Sloths take only a few minutes to actually pee.

However when sloths pee they only pee around once per week or every 10 days.

That's amazing and I wish I could go a week or even 10 days without needing to pee or urinate.

Sloths only come down from the tree to pee or poop at least once per week and then when they are down off the tree they dig a hole and pee and poop in the hole.

Then the sloth covers the hole back up to cover up the scent of the pee and poop.

However for female sloths when in heat need to urinate and poop every single day so they break the once a week rule.

Sloths are also very vulnerable to other predators when they are on the ground pooping or peeing so they only do so when actually needed.

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