Is stop and frisk a Terry stop?

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Is stop and frisk a Terry stop?

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Yes stop and frisk is considered to be a Terry Stop.

When a police officer conducts a Terry Stop they are stopping you while you're walking or driving for reasonable suspicion that you may be up to something or have committed a crime.

Sometimes police may be looking for someone that fits your description even if it's not you so they can stop you and ask you a few questions and ask for ID.

You need to provide your ID to the police officer so that they can determine it's not you and if it's not you they are looking for then they will let you go and you can be on your way.

You can usually get by without showing your ID but it's best to show the ID to avoid wasting time.

Stopping someone in a vehicle can also be considered a Terry Stop if they are stopping you just for reasonable suspicion.

If you're driving and the police ask for the Drivers License you must show your drivers license to the police but the passenger legally does not need to show ID.

If the cop tries to tell you they do then have the cop get the supervisor out.

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