Can you go to jail for slashing tires?

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asked Mar 11 in Law Enforcement/Police by Spirity89 (310 points)
Can you go to jail for slashing tires?

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answered Mar 12 by GrinJule (1,200 points)
Yes you can go to jail for slashing someone's tires if you do enough damage.

Slashing one tire may just get you a court appearance and fine and be charged as a misdemeanor and you may just get off with a fine and be ordered to pay for the damaged tire.

But if you happen to do more damage and the cost increases then it can be a felony and when and if caught you will be arrested and could serve 90 day to a year in jail.

If you do even more damage it could lead to prison time.

Slashing tires is never a good thing and you should never destroy other peoples property as it's a bad thing to do.

You would not want someone else destroying your property either so do not ever do it.

I think a person caught slashing tires should be ordered to prison for at least 5 years minimum as that would stop a lot of that stuff.

I read a news article online that some teens were arrested in Wellington Kansas for slashing tires.

I hope they have to serve some jail or prison time for it and are made to pay back all the damage done to the peoples tires.

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