Who invented the unicycle?

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Who invented the unicycle?

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The Unicycle as we know them today was invented in the year 1866 by a guy named James Stanley.

James Stanley invented the unique bicycle that was called the Penny Farthing and it has become known as the Unicycle today.

The Penny Farthing cycle was not really the Unicycles we know today but the Penny Farthing was or is at least thought to be the inspiration for the unicycles that are manufactured and sold today.

So the Unicycle has been around for many years.

A person who rides a unicycle is usually called a uni-cyclist just like someone riding bicycles are called cyclist.

But for those who ride unicycles in a circus they are usually called acrobats.

For some people the time it takes to learn to ride a unicycle can be around 1 day of practice and for some people it can take a month or even a year to fully learn how to ride a unicycle.

Then again there are people like me that can never ride a unicycle so if you cannot ride a unicycle then don't feel bad because not all people have the balance or ability to ride a unicycle and that's okay.

For some people riding a unicycle is very difficult and sometimes not even possible.

I tried myself for years to try to ride a unicycle and never could get the hang of it and finally gave up on trying to ride a unicycle.

I barely got a few feet on the unicycle and then would fall and I never could get the hang of it.

And even a friend who could ride a unicycle with ease after years of practice tried to teach me and help me to ride a unicycle and I still could not ride the unicycle.

Then again some people can easily ride a unicycle so if you cannot ride a unicycle you certainly are not the only one.

I would love to be able to ride a unicycle but I can't do so but my brother can ride a unicycle and he was able to ride the unicycle his first try.

But for some people it takes longer and for some people they can not ride a unicycle at all.

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