How far away can mobile speed cameras get you?

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asked Feb 13 in Law Enforcement/Police by roachiadian (400 points)
How far away can mobile speed cameras get you?

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answered Feb 16 by Larry S (34,400 points)
Mobile speed cameras can catch you speeding as far as 2 miles away depending on how good the camera is.

So if you have speed cameras in your area make sure you're not speeding through those areas to avoid both a ticket and an accident.

The speed camera can catch you speeding and then you can get a ticket in the mail which can be $100.00 to $500.00

You should never be speeding anyway because speeding puts both yourself and whoever else is in your car in danger as well as the other people on the road.

You could be speeding and then someone ahead of you suddenly has to stop and then you crash into the back of them.

Always drive at the speed limit and never above it.

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