Does Vicks vaporizer help with congestion?

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asked Feb 12 in Other- Health by emilysmith (300 points)
Does Vicks vaporizer help with congestion?

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answered Feb 13 by Shawn (60,240 points)
Yes a Vicks Vaporizer will help alleviate congestion by putting out warm moisture into the air.

The warm moisture in the air can help open up your nostrils and help get rid of the congestion.

Any type of vaporizer will work with congestion.

I would also recommend putting some Vicks Vaporub on the vaporizer to help disperse that in the air as well.

And put some Vicks Vaporub under your nostrils or on your chest or breathe in some Vicks Vaporub directly from the jar.

Taking a steamy hot shower also works to get rid of congestion or eating some hot and spicy foods or jalapenos can clear up congestion.

Also stay hydrated with plenty of water.

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