How long does pepper spray last on skin?

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How long does pepper spray last on skin?

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If you can't immediately wash the pepper spray off your skin the pepper spray will stay on your skin for around 2 to 4 hours.

If you get the pepper spray in your eye and cannot wash the pepper spray out of your eyes the burning sensation and temporary blindness of the pepper spray will last for 15 to 30 minutes.

If you get pepper spray in your eye you need to wash it out as soon as possible and if you get pepper sprayed by police they will usually wash it out of your eyes once you are in handcuffs.

Then when you get to jail they will wash the pepper spray off more before you're booked into jail.

Pepper spray is usually not harmful but it is painful to be sprayed in the face and eyes with it.

I went to training to be a prison security guard and we had to be sprayed with the pepper spray and it was painful.

I did pass the training and worked as a security guard in the prison for 5 years before I quit and then found an office job and then I now work at home blogging.

No more need for pepper spray to get into my eyes and it has happened as a security guard when dealing with real prisoners as well.

The pepper spray can last for hours on the skin if not washed off so if you get it on your skin you need to shower with some soap and water to rinse and wash the pepper spray off your skin and wash your face with some water to get rid of the pepper spray.

It can also be difficult to breathe or even speak for a few minutes or so after getting sprayed with pepper spray.

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