Is it safe to hire limo service

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Hiring a limo service is safe as long as you hire a reputable limo service that is licensed and insured.

The limo drivers pass background checks before they are hired and should have a license to drive the limo.

I've been in limos before and I took my wife out in a limo on our honeymoon and it was great.

We drove to the wedding in our own car and then I surprised my wife after we got married and had the limo arrive so that we could be drove around in the limo for awhile and then the limo drove us to the hotel where we had our wedding.

I would certainly hire a limo service again as it was well worth the cost and we had a great and safe time in the limo.
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Here is a good question. I can say what depends on the situation. If you ordered a limousine for 5-7 people, then it is even very safe, but on the condition that you do not travel outside the city, where cars are picking up speed. Since the city is not more than 50 miles per hour. But I want to note that if there are more than 15 of you, then at the slightest accident, passengers and just visitors will be injured, as they will collide with each other from the impact. But Vegas limo services provides insurance that will pay you compensation or treatment if something happens.

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