What does an allergic reaction to condoms feel like?

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What does an allergic reaction to condoms feel like?

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If you're allergic to the condoms that you're using you may experience things such as itching, hives and swelling.

If you're a male and are allergic to the condoms you may have irritation or rashes or itching on your penis.

For a woman they may have pain or a burning sensation in their Vagina due to the irritation and allergic reaction to the condoms.

Some people who have allergic reactions to certain condoms may also experience difficulty breathing and may feel like their throat is closing up.

If you become allergic to condoms then you need to stop using them and consult a doctor about it.

Especially if the allergic reaction to condoms is causing you to have difficulty breathing.

Some condoms that are flavored or scented are more prone to cause allergic reactions and irritation to some people.

But even when condoms are just plain old condoms they can get allergic reactions to the material the condoms are made from.

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