What does the orange jumpsuit mean in jail?

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asked Dec 26, 2019 in Law Enforcement/Police by Carden8 (300 points)
What does the orange jumpsuit mean in jail?

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Orange Jumpsuits in jail usually mean that the inmate is a high profile inmate and is not a trustee that can go out on work detail.

The inmate in jail who is not to leave the jail and is usually more highly supervised in jail wears an orange jumpsuit.

However at one jail I used to work at as a guard every inmate wore orange jumpsuits unless they were a trustee and were allowed to go outside on the jail grounds and do yard work etc.

Then they would wear grey or tan colored jumpsuits that said trustee on those jumpsuits.

But the inmates that were to stay in the jail wore orange Jumpsuits.

They can have different meanings depending on the jail.

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