I hate getting Christmas Presents from family?

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asked Dec 25, 2019 in Holidays by 88nogoodi (400 points)
I hate getting Christmas Presents from family?

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answered Dec 25, 2019 by Shawn (60,240 points)
You're not the only person who hates getting Christmas presents from family or anyone else.

I don't really hate getting Christmas Presents but I do hate opening them up on Christmas morning and am so glad when it's over.

I try to act excited but really I have a fake smile on my face and am waiting for it to be over with.

I don't mind getting Christmas Presents from family or other people.

However I do also find it Awkward to be opening Christmas Presents in front of others especially Family.

I have always felt Awkward when opening presents on Christmas even as a kid.

I always dread Christmas because it means opening presents but I do it anyway.

It's only once per year so I can put up with it.

However I would prefer opening the presents in privacy but I have to open them around others.

I'm always glad to get Christmas over with and then I don't feel as Awkward anymore.

I don't mind Christmas time but I dread it always because of the presents.

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