How long until Donald Trump leaves office?

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asked Sep 19, 2017 in Government by Adf289 (58,560 points)
How long until Donald Trump leaves office?

How much longer does Donald Trump have before he leaves office and stops being President?

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answered Sep 19, 2017 by Niko (18,430 points)
Today is September 19th 2017 and Tomorrow is September 20th 2017 and tomorrow marks 8 months since Donald Trump has been President.

So we have 3 years and 4 more months until he hopefully leaves office. There's always a chance though that he could be re elected and serve another 4 years in office but I hope not.
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answered Sep 19, 2017 by Bernice (300 points)
Not soon enough. Donald Trump caused enough trouble the first few weeks he's been in office.

I can't wait until that fool leaves office.

I don't like time going by fast but I sure wish the time would speed up until he leaves office.

I wish I had a time machine so we could go back in time and not have him as president.

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