Are Mesh Office Chairs more comfortable?

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asked Nov 9, 2019 in Polls/Surveys by dcabrera (310 points)
Are mesh office chairs more comfortable than other chairs with the padding?

I have a regular office chair that needs replacing soon because the foam is breaking down and I'm wondering if the mesh office chairs that are just mesh seating and mesh back are more comfortable?

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answered Nov 9, 2019 by Shawn (89,450 points)
Yes mesh office chairs with a mesh seat and mesh back are much more comfortable than regular office chairs with the padding and hard seat and hard back.

If you ever sat in an outdoor lounge chair that has mesh seating then it feels just as comfortable as that.

I find that I can sit longer in the mesh office chair than I could in my old standard office chair.

The office I worked for switched from the regular office chairs to mesh back and mesh seating office chairs and I found them much more comfortable.

I could sit longer hours and get more work done in those mesh office chairs.

So I bought a mesh office chair for my home office and love it.
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answered Apr 27 by Kormark321 (660 points)

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