Can Pomeranian geese fly?

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Can Pomeranian geese fly?

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answered Oct 22, 2019 by Grahlu (49,120 points)
Pomeranian geese do have the ability to fly at least somewhat but due to their size and weight it can be hard for Pomeranian geese to get off the ground as high as other birds can.

So you might see Pomeranian geese take off and be in the air flying some but they usually won't gain much height without help from other birds.

I've seen a Pomeranian goose fly about 10 feet of the ground to get across a lake a once on a farm but never did see the Pomeranian goose get any higher than that.

The goose might have been able to get higher than that but I never saw it unless it did so when I wasn't there or looking.

Pomeranian geese are great geese though and make good farm animals to have around.

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