What's the biggest thing a whale can swallow?

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What's the biggest thing a whale can swallow?

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Although a whale is pretty big and has a pretty big mouth they could not actually swallow something too big.

A Whales mouth might be large but the whales throat where it swallows things and food is about the size of a small salad plate.

The biggest thing that a whale could actually swallow would be a grapefruit or anything the size of a grapefruit.

If whatever it is that the whale is trying to swallow is larger than a grapefruit then they would not be able to swallow it.

I've heard of cases and stories where whales swallowed a human but that would actually be impossible and if you did get swallowed by a whale you would likely die due to the digestive acid in the whales stomach.

There was a story about some guy being swallowed by a whale years ago and supposedly lived to tell the tale but I believe that's all it was is a tale which was made up.

Unless that whale had a huge throat then a human would not be able to get down the whales throat.

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