Will a bear eat a human?

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Will a bear eat a human?

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Most bears will only attack a human if they feel threatened or if the bear feels her cubs are threatened by the human.

However if the bear does attack a human then sometimes they will eat the human after killing them if they are hungry enough.

But most times the bear will just leave the human laying there after injuring them or killing them and will not eat them.

If you do get attacked by a bear it's best to play dead and lay still until the bear backs off otherwise if you try to fight the bear attack it will injure you more or kill you.

If the bear thinks you're dead then they will usually stop attacking you.

It's best to carry a gun if possible and or some bear mace but if you see a bear try to stay away from them so that you don't get into a bear attack.

Most bears will just leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.

Some other animals that have been known to kill and eat humans are lions, tigers, leopards, and crocodilians as well as Komodo dragons and hyenas who sometimes see humans as there usual prey.

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