Should you play dead with a bear?

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Should you play dead with a bear?

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answered Aug 21, 2019 by Grahlu (49,120 points)
If you encounter a bear when near bears you should keep your distance from the bear and remain silent and calm and usually the bear will walk or run away from you without harming you.

Bears usually only attack humans if they see them as a threat to themselves or to their cubs so do not holler at the bear or try to run away as it can make you seem like a threat to them.

Just remain silent, calm and slowly back away a little at a time and try not to stare at the bear as staring at the bear could cause the bear to think you're a threat.

If a bear does try to attack you then you should lay down and play dead because if the bear thinks you're dead they will usually quit trying to hurt you and then they will take off and run away because they might think you're actually dead and then see you no longer as a threat.

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