Can wind turbines survive a tornado?

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asked Aug 18, 2019 in Weather by Vivlian (400 points)
Can wind turbines survive a tornado?

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answered Aug 18, 2019 by Shawn (67,280 points)
There's a video on Youtube of a wind turbine in some part of Kansas that went through a tornado and it ripped the blades off of one wind turbine.

Some other wind turbines didn't get affected by the tornado but they might have been far enough away from the tornado or the tornado didn't go direct into the path of the wind turbine.

Wind turbines also have a setting on them that shut them down during really high winds so when a tornado comes through then the wind turbines will automatically be shut down to prevent the wind turbine from spinning too fast which can create too much voltage and possibly cause it to catch fire or send too much voltage through the electric lines.

It also prevents damage to the wind turbine blades as well.

Wind turbine owners have insurance on them to pay for any possible damage that occurs during a natural disaster such as a tornado or high wind.

So they can easily replace the damaged wind turbine.

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