How much gasoline is left in the world?

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How much gasoline is left in the world?

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It's estimated that there are around 50 to 60 years of gasoline and crude oil left in the world.

However that's just an estimate and as the years go on more and more oil and gasoline reserves will likely be found.

Also a lot of gasoline now has ethanol mixed in with it which makes the gasoline go further than it would so it makes the gasoline reserves last longer.

The ethanol that is added to gasoline is made from corn which is a renewable resource and can be replenished for many years to come.

The corn is turned into ethanol through a distillation process as well as fermentation in an ethanol plant.

So we likely have over 100 years or more of gasoline and oil left in the world and likely more will be found over the years as they drill for more oil and go back to the old oil wells eventually.

So it's very unlikely we would run out of oil and gasoline in the next 100 or 200 years but anything is possible.

But we will never run out of ethanol as long as corn is grown and then processed into ethanol.

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