What to do if you see a bear while driving?

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What to do if you see a bear while driving?

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If you are driving your vehicle and you see a bear approaching your vehicle you should remain calm, keep your windows rolled up and just continue to drive on through if possible.

If you're driving down the road and you see a bear on the side of the road or in the road you should not stop until you're around a mile away from the bear.

Stay in your car and take pictures from your car if possible.

Do not stop when you get close to the bear because then the bear may approach your car and try to get in and then it would be a bit more difficult to get away from the bear.

So the best thing to do when encountering a bear while driving is to just remain calm and continue driving and if the bear does happen to get onto your car and tries to get into the car then call 911 if the bear will not go away.

They can then send help to get the bear off of your vehicle.

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