Are kidney punches illegal in boxing?

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asked May 28, 2019 in Boxing by ui990borfia (250 points)
Are kidney punches illegal in boxing?

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answered May 29, 2019 by Lilly21 (57,740 points)
Yes in boxing kidney punches are illegal and for good reason as getting punched in the liver is extremely painful and can be fatal.

So if you do a kidney punch when boxing someone then you could potentially kill that person or injure the person severely with a kidney punch.

A kidney punch can rupture a persons kidney which is similar to having a splenic rupture in that it is usually caused by a direct blow to the abdomen, side, or mid to low back which causes damage or a tear to the organ or kidney.

So by damaging the kidney it can lead to kidney failure and eventually more kidney problems and possibly death if not treated.

So doing a kidney punch in boxing would get your removed from the boxing game as kidney punches are indeed illegal in boxing.

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