Studying in college is very difficult for me

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asked Apr 9 in Financial Aid by Jassy123 (2,650 points)

I don't understand math and I have low marks from this subject. I find it difficult. What should I do?

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    answered Apr 9 by Marinad (1,540 points)

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    answered Apr 10 by Jassy123 (2,650 points)
    Thank you for your post! I wrote  this company and am waiting for their response. I hope they will help me!
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    answered Jul 22 by palone (1,960 points)

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    answered Sep 4 by KoryPowell (770 points)
    You should find a tutor. Not a book. Not another student. Only a professional tutor who will explain everything to you in simple words. You can also find a tutor online if you like. Many experienced tutors work at online platforms like,, and so on. These services offer a flexible schedule, a convenient way of communication between the teacher and the learner and secure payment methods. Good luck!

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