Why do some people like being alone?

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asked Apr 2, 2019 in Other- Family & Relationships by Carroll (280 points)
Why do some people like being alone?

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answered Apr 2, 2019 by layla (32,520 points)
Some people don't mind being around people for some amount of time but then prefer to have some alone time which is fine.

I love being alone at times myself but other times I want to have the company of others.

Then there are other people who suffer from anxiety or social anxiety and hate being around people or fear being around other people and it's a real Phobia and anxiety that some people have.

I'm not sure what causes it but it's just the way the brain is wired and sometimes you can hardly get those people to leave their house and go out in public around others.
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answered Aug 14 by Jeraldo (3,980 points)

I think that no person wants to be alone. Perhaps for a while, but not for life. It seems to me that this is how they hide behind a mask and try not to talk about their inclinations. For example, many guys like guys, they are not traditional and hide it. I urge you not to hide about it, but visit this source. It will become easier for you, good luck!

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