Can you watch a downloaded movie on Netflix without WIFI?

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asked Mar 27, 2019 in Internet by Joesinj (320 points)
Can you watch a downloaded movie on Netflix without WIFI?

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answered Mar 28, 2019 by Carter3 (12,290 points)
If you've downloaded the Netflix movie to your computers hard drive then yes you can watch the downloaded Netflix Movie without internet or WiFi.

When you download a movie to save to your computer it gets saved to your computers hard drive so you can watch the movie without an internet connection.

I sometimes download movies to an external hard drive to watch on my computer later on.

You only need the internet or WiFi connection to watch Netflix movies if you're streaming the Netflix movies to your computer, TV or other device.
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answered Oct 14, 2022 by Allert (4,960 points)

Hello everyone, I would recommend you to use Hulu. American streaming service, originally conceived as a series aggregator, is owned by NBC and Comcast. Now owned by Disney. Positions itself as a premium company. You can watch horror movie on hulu and other genres as well as TV shows.

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