Can your debit card be hacked?

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asked Feb 23 in Credit by mildredpruitt (380 points)
Can your debit card be hacked?

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answered Feb 24 by Shawn (49,820 points)
Yes debit cards just like credit cards can be hacked through way of a skimmer or a device that could be in someones purse or backpack that you don't even know about.

There's very easy ways for hackers to steal your debit card and credit card numbers and information through computer software and a device called a skimmer.

The skimmers can be on the credit card readers at checkouts, gas pumps, ATM machines etc.

The hacker could even be standing behind you with a device in a backpack or other bag and could be skimming the information off of your credit and debit cards.
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answered Feb 24 by trishacrose (410 points)
Yes it's very possible for someone to hack your debit card especially if they're able to skim it when you make a transaction with the debit card.

I know a lady who had her bank account drained after she used her debit card at a gas pump and there was a skimmer on the gas pump.

I always go inside to pay my gas and never do it outside at the pump.

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