Do debit cards have the same protection as credit cards?

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Do debit cards have the same protection as credit cards?

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Credit cards seem to have better protection than debit cards when it comes to getting your money back for a purchase.

With a credit card it's not that hard to file a dispute and reverse charges on a purchase you made with your credit card but with a debit card it's harder to get your money back when you file a dispute.

You can still get your money back on a debit card for a purchase if you win the dispute but it's much harder and if you lose your debit card you must report the debit card as lost within 24 hours to be protected from unauthorized purchases but with a credit card you usually have a bit more time to report it lost or stolen and you're usually not liable for unauthorized charges.

Also with a debit card and you lose it you're losing your actual money should someone use your debit card and drain your bank account but with a credit card you're losing the credit card companies money if it's used without permission.

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