What can someone do with your IP address?

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asked Jan 18 in Internet by Johnbeedling (180 points)
What can someone do with your IP address?

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answered Jan 18 by jennifelooney (290 points)
Every website you go to the owner or admin of the website can see your IP address and when you sign up for websites such as this one or forums or even membership websites you show your IP address to the admin or owner of the website.

With an IP address the person can usually see the country you're in but they cannot find your address etc since only the ISP could do that.

An owner of a website may report your IP address to the ISP or authorities in the case of some really bad thing you did on the website but other than that there's not much someone can do with your IP address.

Having your IP address someone could send out a DOS attack on your IP but that's rare for someone to do so I wouldn't worry too much about your IP address being shown to websites or someone finding your IP address.

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