How long do server hard drives last?

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How long do server hard drives last?

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Hard Drives on web servers typically last from 5 to 8 years but sometimes they're replaced before they actually fail just to prevent any data loss.

Most data centers will go through there web servers and when they notice that the hard drive is nearly at the end of it's lifespan or they start noticing any faults with the hard drive then they'll replace the hard drive in the web server because the data that is stored on web servers is most always important enough that you don't want to lose the data should the server crash.

It's still a good idea especially if you run a website and host it on a web host server you should back up your data locally or to another online data storage backup website to keep your website database and files protected.
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answered Jan 17 by UzgruzzSteelchoppa (310 points)
Server hard drives should last just as long as computer hard drives because sometimes computers are on 24 hours per day 7 days per week just like web servers.

But then again the hard drives could fail sooner just like on a desktop or laptop computer.

The hard drive in my computer is almost 11 years old and still working great.

The hard drive is original and it originally had Windows XP on it and last year I switched it over to Windows 10 and it runs great.

I use it for browsing the internet and posting to websites and even to blog with so it doesn't need to be very powerful.

I do have a new computer I use for higher end things such as video editing and gaming but this old machine from 2008 still works great with the original hard drive.

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