Can parents go to jail for truancy?

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asked Dec 24, 2018 in Law Enforcement/Police by Chutiamidia (260 points)
Can parents go to jail for truancy?

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answered Dec 24, 2018 by Timjman674 (360 points)
Yes if the Truancy happens often enough the parents can be arrested and have to serve from 30 to 90 days in jail for the child or teens Truancy.

That's why it's important to make sure your kid or teen gets to school because not only can the parents be arrested for Truancy the Teen or Child can be arrested as well and be put into the Juvenile Jail System or even be sent to a home.

It's also known as education neglect and the police are usually called on the teen, child and parents after 5 unexcused absences from school.

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