Can I pick up a package from UPS if I missed the delivery?

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Can I pick up a package from UPS if I missed the delivery?

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answered Dec 16, 2018 by g47greenwould43 (280 points)
If you've missed delivery of your UPS package the driver should leave a note on your door stating that they tried to make delivery of the package but you were not available to sign for the package.

The UPS will try and make a few more attempts before sending the package back to the sender.

If there's a local UPS store around you then maybe your package went back to that UPS store however there's no guarantee of knowing where exactly your package is and it's likely still on the UPS delivery truck anyway so that the driver can make another attempt at delivery.

If you know you're not gonna be home for the delivery then you can login to and schedule the package to be held for you at a UPS location where you can pick the package up instead.

You'll need the tracking number of the package and the information from the note that the UPS driver left on your door.
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answered Dec 16, 2018 by Huscorpse (330 points)
You can pick up a missed delivery UPS package but you need to login to UPS and have the packaged directed and routed to a local UPS store to be able to pick it up.

Otherwise you can have the package rescheduled again for delivery to your home when you're gonna be available or sometimes you can sign the note on the door allowing the driver to drop off the package at your door.
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We make orders in online stores in China, so we are faced with the problem of tracking our packages. On the site itself is not always (for example, AliExpress) you can get the actual information about their location. Therefore, it is good that there are services for tracking parcels. I use this service just in case

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