Can Porcupines really shoot their quills at you?

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asked Nov 29, 2018 in Other-Environment by sandrageary (180 points)
Can Porcupines really shoot their quills at you?

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answered Nov 29, 2018 by Essmann (24,240 points)
A Porcupines quills can become detached when touched or when stuck inside a person however Porcupines are not able to shoot out their quills like some people used to think.

Although A Porcupine cannot shoot it's quills out at your or an animal the porcupine can kill someone or an animal if they stab them with the quills.

So avoid Porcupines if you come near one or more.
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answered Nov 29, 2018 by 333potatoes (990 points)
When I was a kid my dad had me believe that Porcupines could shoot their quills at me and I really believed him until I got older and found out the truth.

He also really believed the Porcupine had the ability to shoot it's quills at you but that's actually false as they can only stab you with the quills and the quills of a porcupine can and do come out of the porcupine but they can't shoot them out.

But Porcupines are dangerous if they stab you so stay away from them anyway.

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