Where to Find TF2 Keys?

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asked Jun 3 in Internet by toshka (1,560 points)
I recently started playing Team Fortress 2, and I'm already addicted to the game. But I am missing some keys to open item crates. Can anyone advise me where is the best place to buy TF2 keys? I would like to choose a reliable and convenient place to buy from

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answered Jun 3 by Gammas (1,830 points)

I've been into Team Fortress 2 for a while now and wanted to talk about snagging TF2 keys. Whenever I'm on the hunt for game stuff, I usually hit up specialty markets. Lately, a buddy put me onto this site that's got tons of TF2 trade options, kind of like those TF2 trading websites you can find on https://tradeoffers.tf/ It's super handy for beefing up your in-game gear.

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