What constitutes a criminal threat?

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What constitutes a criminal threat?

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Words that are spoken by someone to another person or group of people or anyone else to threaten or terrorize another person or group of people constitutes a criminal threat.

If someone goes up to another person and threatens them with harm or threatens their safety or their family then that is a criminal threat.

Criminal threat is a felony in most states including Kansas.

Criminal threat is a person felony in Kansas.

In Kansas criminal threat is classified as a severity level 9 person felony.

A person who is found guilty and convicted of criminal threat can get a prison sentence of 13 months and a fine o $100,000.00

Aggravated criminal threat in Kansas is a severity level 8, non person felony and the prison sentence for the aggravated criminal threat in Kansas is a maximum of 17 months in prison.

According to Kansas Statutes, criminal threat is a severity level 9, person felony with a maximum prison sentence of 17 months and a fine of up to $100,000.

Criminal threats, often also called terrorist threats, can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

If charged as a felony, it is a strike offense, which is very serious.

The most common defense to this charge is that the “threat” was ambiguous.

If you've been arrested and charged for criminal threat then you should hire a criminal lawyer if you can afford one.

If you make criminal threats against someone such as the president, governor etc then you can get a higher prison sentence which could be 5 to 15 years or longer.

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