How do you get pictures from your computer to your phone?

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asked Oct 7, 2018 in Cell Phones and Plans by mewatchupoop (250 points)
How do you get pictures from your computer to your phone?

I have some pictures on my desktop computer that I want to transfer to my android phone but not sure how to transfer the photos from desktop computer to android phone?

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answered Oct 7, 2018 by Shawn (64,720 points)
You shouldn't have to do anything special to transfer the photos from your computers hard drive to your phones drive or SD card.

For my android phone all I have to do is plug the android phone into my computers USB port and then it automatically detects it and then I can see the SD drive on my phone.

Then I just take and copy the folder with the photos in it to my clipboard and then paste it into the drive on the phone.

You could also transfer photos to an SD card on your computer and then put the SD card into your android phone.

Also your phone might have a setting for file access when you plug the phone into your USB port.

Sometimes it works automatically while other times you may need to tap a few settings to get it to work.

Exactly what settings you need to tap and access depends on the model of your android phone.

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