Is it weird to have always liked diapers?

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asked Mar 22 in Diaper Videos by JacksonT1B1 (200 points)
I've loved diapers even before I could remember Is that weird? I just feel like the only one

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answered Mar 22 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)

Some people may find it weird that you and others including myself have always liked or loved diapers but it's not weird at all.

I've loved diapers myself since I was 5 years old and wanted to be put back into them and wear them.

My babysitter would always put me in diapers when at her house because I would wet my pants.

I had wet my pants at 5 years old at my babysitters house back in 1993 and my babysitter put me in a plastic backed Pampers diaper.

At first I protested and then after I got it on and was playing I started to enjoy it and loved the feeling of the diaper on my penis as well.

When wet I got really excited and that is what made me start wanting to wear diapers.

I also used to think that I was the only one who liked diapers and thought nobody else in the world would love wearing diapers and I tried to quit wearing the diapers but it didn't work.

However in 2001 when I searched the internet on AOL dial up internet for I love wearing diapers I started feeling better and was very happy to find out that others out there loved diapers as well.

I also came across pictures of Diaper Boy Tommy back then and I was even happier.

My babysitter had me in thick pampers like Tommy and they felt awesome. 8 year old diaper boy Tommy Kid Plastic backed diaper pampers

8 year old boy Diaper Boy Kid Tommy Plastic Pampers

commented Mar 27 by JacksonT1B1 (200 points)
I've always wish something like that would have happened to me but I'm not that lucky
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answered Mar 22 by Daltonthreet (11,170 points)
It's not really weird to have always loved diapers or love diapers.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes and just because someone else finds it weird for you to love diapers and enjoy diapers it does not mean you should or have to stop loving and wearing diapers.

You should wear diapers and use diapers if it makes you happy and not worry about what others think.

If wearing diapers makes you happy and helps you enjoy your life then you should wear and enjoy the diapers.

Diapers are just another form of underwear that happen to be absorbent.

Some people like other weird things such as for example some guys may want to wear dresses or panties and some find that weird but they are not harming anyone.

You keep doing you and enjoy your life.
commented Mar 27 by JacksonT1B1 (200 points)
I guess I just feel a little silly wanting something that I can't tie anything to

Ty for the nice comment

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