How to choose a bookmaker: recommendations and advice for beginners

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asked Mar 20 in Auto Racing by Omeres (4,290 points)
Hi all. Tell me how to choose the right bookmaker? What recommendations and advice can you give to beginners?

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answered Mar 20 by Allert (5,090 points)

Advertising materials from bookmakers surround Internet users everywhere and many do not understand which bookmaker to choose and what parameters of gaming sites they should use, so we suggest taking into account the most important qualities when choosing a bookmaker. I can recommend you a reliable bookmaker - This will be the right choice.

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A legal bookmaker is a bookmaker that has an official license from a government regulator and operates in accordance with the laws of the country in which it provides its services.
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answered Mar 20 by Allert (5,090 points)
Using the services of a legal bookmaker, the client can always count on fair payments of funds or defend his rights if they have been violated. All financial transactions of legal bookmakers are carried out through ETSUPIS, so monetary transactions are transparent and legal.

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