I wanted to start a discussion about the world of adult entertainment

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asked Mar 19 in Google by BerettyKolls (350 points)

Hey folks, I wanted to start a discussion about the world of adult entertainment. It's a topic that often sparks debate, but I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts. What do you think about the impact of pornography on society? Is it a harmless form of entertainment, or does it have deeper consequences? Let's dive into this conversation and explore different perspectives.

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answered Mar 19 by 1961waggy (28,370 points)
Adult pornography is a harmless form of entertainment unless it gets to the point where you focus most of your time on the adult pornography.

As long as the adult porn is not interfering with your daily life and not keeping you away from other things then it can be a healthy form of entertainment.
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answered Mar 19 by HerrestyUrr4 (360 points)

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answered Jun 25 by mirafine (4,460 points)

The world of adult entertainment is vast and varied, with many different platforms and services available. It’s good to see how technology has changed the industry over the years. For example, live streaming sites have become really popular. Has anyone here read any chaturbate reviews ? They offer a glimpse into the experiences of both performers and viewers. It would be great to hear everyone's thoughts on how this industry is evolving.

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