How do you safely dispose of e waste?

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asked Oct 5, 2018 in Green Living by Domena (350 points)
How do you safely dispose of e waste?

How do you safely dispose of E Waste such as computers, Televisions, cell phone batteries, Laptop batteries etc?

Where can you take the E Waste to be disposed of safely and properly instead of throwing them in the garbage?

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answered Oct 5, 2018 by Shawn (49,820 points)
Some places will have local drop off places that take the E Waste for free or even for a small fee to recycle it and dispose of it properly.

Sometimes you can also find a scrap metal yard near you that buys E Waste and then you'd get paid for the E Waste you drop off  to recycle.

If there's a scrap metal yard near you then you can also get paid for recycling other metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, Tin, Steel etc.

Some scrap metal yards will take E Waste while others may not so you'd have to look around and call some scrap yards in your area to see if they accept E Waste or not.

Sometimes places will also have a program during the spring or summer to drop off E Waste so you may have to wait until spring or summer or put an ad on Craigslist stating you have some free E Waste to give away and someone who recycles electronics may want it to recycle.

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