Does anyone can offer advice on how to write a resume?

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asked Oct 5, 2018 in Internet by poliq (6,230 points)

I've spent the past decade in the restaurant industry and I'm at a point where I feel I am ready to apply for jobs in a software development setting. However, I only have restaurant experience. I do have a fleshed out github account and have either completed or worked through most online resources available for JS and Python, i.e. Codecademy and Free Code Camp. What would be the best way of translating my studies to a resume, short of just linking to my github?

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answered Oct 5, 2018 by Domena (350 points)

When writing a resume to land a job you should go online and find a resume template that you can print out and fill out for the job.

Make sure you write the resume in a professional manner and take your time filling out the resume to make sure it's perfect.

Here's some other tips for writing a resume.

Stay Relevant.

Every single item on your resume should prove you are the best possible candidate.

 Tailor The Resume.

Make one resume specifically for one specific job and company to apply at and then make a different resume with different details for other types of positions and jobs you're applying for.

 Choose the correct stuff to write in your resume. 

Use active voice, write a heading statement for your situation, and don't include unnecessary details that won't help with landing the job.

Only include things on the resume pertaining to the job you're applying for.

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answered Oct 5, 2018 by costy (6,150 points)

I think it's best to look for professionals your trade to get a sense of relevant resumes. There is also something called the STAR approach which you can look into for building your resume. There will always be companies that will ask you to pay to develop your software or templates that you can fill out but ultimately you on your career and a resume is a huge selling point of your career.

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answered Oct 15, 2018 by fraddy (5,910 points)

Using a great resume sample can definitely help you grab employer's attention. You can also find some  federal resume templates in this website It contains a lot of different resume samples for different jobs and I hope you can find what you might need.  
Personally speaking , I think resume samples are pretty much the same.  Still I cant deny it looks pretty eye-catching! If you want to apply a  job,  you better change your resume accordingly and pay attention to qualities the job requires . You can make your resume a powerful boost in job landing.

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