How can I track a cell phone location?

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asked Sep 25, 2018 in Cell Phones and Plans by Waterminia (220 points)
How can I track a cell phone location?

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answered Sep 26, 2018 by Shawn (53,390 points)
You can track a cell phone using apps on the cell phone if you still have the cell phone.

But if you lost the cell phone and don't have any apps installed to track the cell phone then there's not much you can do.

So before you lose your cell phone always install a GPS cell phone tracking app so that you'll be able to hopefully locate the cell phone should you lose it.
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answered Sep 26, 2018 by Jassy123 (2,730 points)
There are many apps for this! You can find it on the internet. There are special companies that deal with this. You can use their services too. These companies offer their services on the Internet. There are many offers of such services.  I think it's better to order a tracking program specifically for you. Many companies are engaged in software development. is the best company. You can refer to them.

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