Finding a 3D rendering company: tips and tricks

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asked Feb 8 in Programming/Design by toshka (1,320 points)
I have recently started a project that requires quality 3D rendering and I need to find a reliable company that specializes in this field. Can you recommend any companies or share information on how to find and choose the right one for my needs?

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answered Feb 8 by Gammas (1,550 points)

I would advise you to start by searching online, many companies present their services online. It is important to pay attention to reviews and testimonials to choose the most reliable contractor. Here you can find out more info about 3D rendering company. Maybe they will be a good fit for you

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answered Feb 8 by saffarry (960 points)
You can search for companies on the ads on the Internet or ask your friends, maybe someone will recommend. It is important to check the portfolio of works and clarify the prices and terms of execution

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