How many keystrokes does a keyboard last?

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asked Sep 15, 2018 in Hardware by AllianzCal (1,440 points)
How many keystrokes does a keyboard last?

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answered Sep 15, 2018 by TechUnction (320 points)
Most cheaper keyboards are expected to last a minimum of 5 million keystrokes and clicks on each key.

That's a lot of typing and it would probably take you 5 years to reach 5 million keystrokes on the keyboard and that's about as long as I can get a keyboard to last.

Now I don't know whether I typed 5 million keystrokes during those 5 years with the keyboard but I probably did or at least typed close to that since I do a lot of typing on my computer and keyboard.

Some higher priced keyboards are estimated to last up to 10 million keystrokes and that would also be a lot of typing to reach that amount.

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