Which is the best web hosting service provider to host a social networking website?

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asked Sep 11, 2018 in Internet by fraddy (5,910 points)

Which is the best web hosting service provider to host a social networking website?

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by BogaD (300 points)
I would go with a web host such as Hawkhost.com and sign up for their cloud hosting service where you can easily scale the resources for the server and website with just a payment and a few clicks of the mouse.

I was using hawkhosts shared hosting for 4 years hosting a blog and then outgrew the shared hosting and moved over to the cloud hosting service which is very fast.

My blog loads faster now as a result of the cloud hosting.

The cloud hosting servers that provide SSH access is what I got and you do need some knowledge of operating a server through the command line but it's pretty easy to learn.


Also you can check through many hosting offers on the http://webmasterbabble.com webmaster forum where hosting companies post their hosting offers.
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answered Sep 12, 2018 by poliq (6,230 points)
For hosting a social networking website, the basic necessity is a powerful and technologically stable server. It must be optimized for meeting the guidelines of the service. Social networking sites, at least the most popular ones, attract loads of traffic constantly. It is imperative to use the services of a web host that can deal with the traffic.
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answered Sep 12, 2018 by costy (6,150 points)

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