Masterbation with soggy diaper

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asked Dec 1, 2023 in ABDL by Soggyvtdiaperguy (130 points)
Like to hear about the way people do it with soggy diaper.

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answered Dec 1, 2023 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)

Some ways I like to masturbate with a wet soggy diaper are to just grab the front of the diaper and masturbate that way.

I sit in a chair and then hold onto the front of my wet diaper and then move my penis up and down in the wet diaper until I orgasm. 

Looking at diaper pictures also gets me in the mood for masturbation especially to diaper Boy Tommy pictures.

I also sometimes will sit in my toddler car seat and hump the strap in my wet and soggy diaper which also feels awesome.

Just being strapped into the car seat even though I don't fit properly with the top straps helps to get me into the mood of masturbating.

I love masturbating in a wet and soggy diaper and it feels so awesome.

I'm been masturbating in wet and soggy diapers since 8 years old.

Here's some pictures of Diaper Boy Tommy wearing his pampers and I remember wearing pampers like him at his age and masturbating in them.

Tommy Diaper Boy 8 year old wet diaper Pampers kidWet Diaper Tommy 8 year old kid wearing diapers wet diapersWet Diaper Tommy sitting on floor playing toys in diaperWet Soggy Pamper 8 year old boy wearing diapers Tommy kid boy diapers

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