How does well water work?

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How does well water work?

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The way well water works is a hole is dug or drilled into the ground which then allows access to the water below the earth.

The water that falls from the sky goes down into the soil where it then is filtered by the ground and then goes through layers of soil, clay, sand, rocks etc.

Then you use a bucket or a pump such as a submersible pump or jet pump to pull or suck the water from the well.

Most deep wells use a submersible well pump that is down in the well and the water is sucked into the pump and pushed up the pipe which sends the water into the house through water pipes.

A well also usually has a pressure tank that turns the pump on and off using a pressure switch and keeps the house water system pressurized.

When you turn on a faucet the pressure drops in the well water pressure tank which causes the pressure switch to tun the well pump on to provide water flow.

Then when you turn the faucet off the well pump runs until pressure is built up again in the tank and then the well pump shuts off again.

Water from a well is more likely to be clean to drink than water from a river.

Water in a well is naturally filtered by the ground as the water flows underground and through the soil which naturally cleans and filters the water from contaminants.

Water in a river is above ground and can get bird poop, bird pee, animal pee, human pee, animal poop etc in the water even when it's cleaned by a water treatment plant.

As long as you keep the well in good shape and sealed and away from contaminants the well water will always be the safest and cleanest water you can drink.

Well water is naturally filtered by the ground as the water goes through the soil, gravel, sand and rocks before it reaches the bottom of the well and flows into the well.

As long as the well is sealed and maintained and kept far away from contaminants the well water is safe to drink.

The deeper the well the better the water gets filtered and well water tastes much better and is colder than city water without the addition of chlorine.

Well water is safe for human consumption as long as the well water is not contaminated and the well is properly maintained and constructed and kept sealed.

The ground naturally filters water and gets rid of contaminants which makes the well water safe to drink and well water has been used for centuries for human consumption without any issues.

Well water contains minerals and nutrients that are essential for health as well and as long as your well is sealed and your well is not near pollutants the well water is safe to drink.

The ground naturally filters out bacteria and contaminants in the water making it safe to drink.

Well water is better for you than city water as well water contains no added chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride or other harsh water treatment chemicals.

The water from water wells goes through a natural purifying process without the addition of harmful chemicals that can harm your health.

Many people have no choice but to use city water but if you have the option or already have a water well then well water is the best water you can drink.

It OK to drink well water as long as the well water has no bacteria that is bad in it.

If your well is properly drilled and constructed and sealed then the well water should be very safe to drink straight from the well.

In fact well water is healthier for you and safer for you to drink than city water is as city water contains added chemicals including chlorine to disinfect the water which can lead to kidney failure, heart disease, liver failure and even cancer.

The city water also contains fluoride which is healthy in small amounts but can be harmful if ingested in large quantities.

Well water comes straight from the ground without those added chemicals that are not meant to be ingested.

Well water also contains other minerals and nutrients including iron which our bodies need to stay healthy.

People drinking well water have a lower risk of heart disease, liver disease, kidney failure or kidney disease and other health issues than people drinking city water with added chemicals.

I have well water at my house and would never drink city water or hook onto city water.

My well water tastes much better than city water and is healthier and contains no added chemicals and I pay no water bill either.

The submersible well pump in my well uses electricity but it adds only around $5.00 to $10.00 per month at most to the bill.

City water is also sometimes reclaimed and treated sewage water that gets put back into lakes and streams and is then consumed again before being filtered naturally.

Well water comes out of the aquifers after being purified naturally through the earth.

Some cities also have water wells that they pump the water from and into the water towers and then they add the chemicals to the water.

So in some cities you're drinking treated well water and are being charged for water that you can get out of the ground without needing to pay a water bill.

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