Can I use vinegar to clean my TV?

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asked Jul 28, 2018 in TV's by Ben654 (280 points)
Can I use vinegar to clean my TV?

Can vinegar be used to safely clean off an LED Television screen?

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answered Jul 28, 2018 by liana (7,430 points)
Yes Vinegar is a good cleaning solution for cleaning LED Televisions and even computer monitors.

Just mix equal parts of Vinegar with equal parts of water into a spray bottle and then shake it up.

Then take a microfiber cloth and spray the microfiber cloth with the Vinegar and Water and then gently wipe the LED television screen to clean the screen.

Avoid pressing to hard on the screen since pressing too hard on the LED screen could damage the screen.

Just gently wipe it with little pressure on the screen.

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