How much do nuclear power plants make?

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How much do nuclear power plants make?

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Nuclear power plants make on average of $40 billion dollars to as much as $50 billion dollars a year with more than 100,000 workers that contribute to the production of the electricity from nuclear power plants.

China has the most coal fired power plants.

China owns the most coal power plants with a combined capacity of 1,108.91 gigawatts.

China has 1,142 operational coal fired power plants.

Coal power plants are shutting down due to environmental concerns over pollution.

Due to greener alternative for electricity production such as solar power, wind generation and natural gas being cleaner for producing electricity the coal power plants are seen as dirty and polluting.

However in reality coal power plants are very clean burning and mostly put out steam and not really smoke.

There are still several operational coal power plants as of now and likely will be for several more years.

Natural gas is not available everywhere and solar and wind power is not enough to produce enough power for everyone either.

Sun does not always shine and wind does not always blow.

Coal is still pretty cheap as well and is one of the cheaper ways of producing electricity.

However there's also nuclear power plants that don't really create pollution until the radioactive material is disposed of.

Nuclear power plants can use the same fuel for at least a year and produce heat to turn the steam turbines which in turn spins the generators.

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